Yes! HES Has a Tower Garden!

We have talked about buying a Tower Garden for quite a while and it is NOW official. Our new Tower Garden (purchased with grant money from the 2018-2019 school year) is installed near Herndon Elementary’s cafeteria for all to see, touch and (hopefully) taste!

But I am getting ahead of myself….let me back up a bit. The first thing that happened is that we opened the package with shouts of joy. Lettuce rejoice!!! (Yes, I had to do it….). It WAS exciting though…

Then, we read the manual – seemed simple enough to put together…

And it was! Soon the the pieces were together….we had a garden.

Then we soaked the sponges and started our seeds. For this round of planting (the experimental round!) we would plant basil and lettuce.

Next step? Make signs to get the students excited about the Tower and wait for our seeds to sprout.

Fast forward two weeks! The seeds were looking nice and healthy and we were ready for the installation. First we added the plants to the tiny trays in the Tower.

Then it was time to fill up our reservoir. Twenty gallons of water!

Once we wheeled the Tower out to the hallway again (yes….it was quite heavy…did I mention twenty gallons of water?), we added Mineral Blend so that our plants would get the nutrients they would need to grow. Then we tested the pH….

Once the water was the right balance….we turned on the pump. Success!

We will use a timer for both the water pump (circulating 15 minutes of every hour) and the lights (on from 6am – 8pm daily).

I will admit….we are quite proud of ourselves….this has been a long time coming.

Stay tuned…..Herndon Elementary should have lettuce and basil samples soon!

Then we just sat back (well…we had other stuff to do!) and watched the plants GROW…

And GROW….

And GROW…..

Until we saw this on Twitter:

And then the Tower Garden looked like this….

Who wants to plant next????

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