About our Garden

The HES Garden program was started in 2015 by a parent with a desire to get the students outside and have them get their hands dirty! In the 2016-17 school year, the garden program has expanded to include not only time outside planting, but complimentary classroom curriculum as well. Our students are studying subjects such as compost, weather, honeybees, square foot gardening, ecosystems and more! Additionally, we have students writing about the garden as part of their language arts curriculum. We even hope to have our students adding content directly to this blog!

If you have a love for gardening, a love for working with elementary age children, a gardening related talent or hobby that you want to share, or garden items you would like to donate, please see the contact us page, or simply email us at HESGarden@gmail.com.

We hope you will check back frequently for new content! Come and grow with us!